Voggle is a word game where you find words to clear tiles on the board. A new puzzle is available every day, which may be replayed.

Game playGame play


While the winning condition is to clear all the tiles, a secondary objective is to maximize your average points per move (i.e. total score divided by the number of moves).

The longer a word is, the more points you earn.


Rare letters such as Q or Z give you bonus points. For example, the word JOY is worth 30 (base for three-letter words) + 7 (points for J) + 3 (points for Y) = 40 points.


The following letters have no extra points:
A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U.

Star ratingsStar ratings

Star ratings are based on your average points per move (PPM).

StarsPoints per move
under 50
⭐⭐50 to 74.9
⭐⭐⭐75 to 99.9
⭐⭐⭐⭐100 or above

Word listWord list

Voggle's official word list contains more than 220,000 English words. It's compiled from multiple sources and covers most words that a competitive Scrabble tournament allows. It also includes widely accepted new words such as COVID and SATOSHI (the smallest denomination of bitcoin).

Proper nouns are generally not acceptable (e.g. SINGAPORE), except when they also happen to be regular words (e.g. CHINA).

Voggle is pro-inclusiveness and anti-censorship; therefore, it allows profane, vulgar, or derogatory words. Avoid playing those words if you find them offensive.



New letters are generated in a humanly unpredictable but deterministic fashion (i.e. if you replay a puzzle and make the same moves, you'll get the same letters.)

Common letters such as E's and T's occur more frequently than Q's and Z's in general, though you may run into situations with no E's at all.

Voggle's random letter generation algorithm guarantees that the vowel-to-consonant ratio remains within a particular range. No drought of vowels or consonants will happen.

Voggle also caps the number of each letter on the board at any time. For example, you won't ever face three or more X's on the board.

Theoretically speaking, a deadlock with no possible moves can't be ruled out entirely. However, it's extremely unlikely to emerge even if you strive for it.


Voggle is designed and developed by Zhen Wang with help from friends and family. The name pays homage to Boggle, a classic word game invented half a century ago.

Voggle's core game mechanism is influenced by contemporary video games such as PopCap's Bookworm and Bonnie's Bookstore.

The a-puzzle-a-day concept has been taken from the playbook of Wordle.

Coronation Street, a British TV show, has featured a fictional web search engine with the same name, probably a parody of Google. That is purely a coincidence. But if you squint hard enough at Voggle, you can almost see a search engine for words.

Tech stackTech stack

Voggle is written in TypeScript using pixi.js. The web frontend is hosted on Cloudflare's Pages.